After-hours 35

18+ only. Mature content inside.

Deniz and Aldo embark on a new adventure. This time, they visit the far away land of Japan. But this isn't your typical Akihabara or Kyoto tour, no sir-ee. They visit a very special "themed island", an island only young men are able to visit. You've heard of rabbit island, or cat island... But I bet you've never heard of Foxgirl island!

Come along as our protagonists discover that the real wonders of this island aren't its cuisine, or its sights, but its foxpeople. And their eagerness to... "mingle" with the tourists.

A loveletter to everything Japan. The good, the bad, and the nasty.

This is the "standard" version of the comic. There's a separate variant that includes an "Art only version" of the comic for just 5 extra bucks.

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This comic is FIFTY SEVEN (57) pages long, plus covers, (plus the art only version if applicable), in PDF format. You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic. 1360x1920 px pages.

This comic contains the following type of content:

Guy on girl

Group sex


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