After-hours 23

A criminal is on the loose. An old flame of Detective M. Blackcock, Tracey, was the new victim to a mysterious serial-perpetrator. This case is now personal for Blackcock, who must crack the case, and find the culprit.... By any means necessary. Follow along as our raccoon gumshoe "questions" suspects, and solves the crime, in this adult homage to the timeless noir graphic novel classic, Blacksad.

Passions from the past, questionable methods, and the detective with the largest cannon in town.

It's a fifteen page short comic plus covers, in PDF format. You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic. 1920x1360 px pages. Adults only. Mature content inside.

This comic contains the following type of content:

Futa on Girl

Futa on Futa

Guy on Futa

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