Summerscales 2

18+ only. Mature content inside.

The preview pictures' quality isn't representative of the pdf's quality. ejunkie's previews are just jank af for no reason.

My life with Fel's first ever guest comic, created by MizaruSketch! and funded by all the patrons at

It's a sequel to the sketch comic "Summerscales". Monica, Green and Pawsy go on vacation to Fel's beach house. Green has prepared a succulent seaside surprise for her tiger gf. A thick, reptile surprise 🐢

Swimsuits, thick asses, and even thicker paws. It's Summerscales 2!

This comic is 16 pages long, plus covers, in PDF format. You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic. 1231x1920 px pages.

This comic contains the following type of content:

Girl on girl

Futa on girl

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