After-hours 32 (+art only version)

18+ only. Mature content inside.

Fel is accepted into Kennocola®'s Next Kenno girl® contest. The model with the highest social media engagement in the next 24 hours shall be the winner!

Fel puts on her tightest, most body shaping yoga pants, prepares her most unnecessarily gratuitous workout routines, and runs to the local gym... Only to find her two fitness-model rivals, waiting at the entrace.

Will Fel, Mary, or Trace win the Kenno girl® title?

For only two extra bucks, this product includes not just the entire comic, but an "Art only" version after it. No text, only /the good stuff!/. 

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This comic is 14 pages long, plus covers, plus the art only version, in PDF format. You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic. 1920x1360 px pages.

This comic contains the following type of content:

Guy on futa

Futa on girl

Futa on futa

Girl on guy

Girl on girl

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