My life with (Futa)Fel


Are you a new reader? You stumbled upon these characters and are just so confused about who's with who, and why do they got dongs but sometimes they don't? Why are there furry girls talking to humans anyways?

You wanna see the lewds, but you have no time to read the 10+ years worth of webcomic updates at My life with Fel, the webcomic?

Then this is where you should start. Fel introduces us this NSFW alternative universe to the webcomic, through a tour guide of her new beach house. It's a summary of these characters' story, why they are the way they are, and who are they with.

And of course, they happen to be fucking each other while they're at it. Why wouldn't they?

You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic.

This "sketch" comic is 41 pages long. 2000x1414px each. It contains the following type of content:

Guy on girl

Futa on girl

Futa on guy

Futa on futa

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