After-hours 27

Another day of grind at the office goes by in the Sutoraipu prefecture. Fel and her co-worker "Office ladies" are starting to wonder if they will ever reach the housewife dream life. The clock is ticking, and they aren't getting any younger. Everything changes when a brand new co-worker, and soon to be CEO of the company shows up the next day. He is young, he is handsome, he is wealthy. Who of the girls will manage to conquer this perfect bachelor's heart?

It's a spin on the "Harem" genre of manga, with an "OL" or "office lady" theme. Gossip at the breakroom, lots of footnotes and japanglish, and SUGOOOI!!

This comic is thirty pages long, plus covers, in PDF format. You will need a .pdf file reader to read this comic. 1360x1920 px pages. 18+ only, mature content inside.

This comic contains the following type of content:

Guy on Girl

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